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Retiring at 42: A Plan Realized

A few week’s back I mentioned that I was just about to announce my retirement. I have since given my notice at work. After 22 years in Financial Services, one year as a mortgage broker, and one year as a technical writer the end is in sight. This upcoming Friday is my last day. I’ve announced and am committed to my retirement.

Retirement Party

My last post was Retirement Party For Retiring Early: Don’t expect one. It’s a strange thing, but true. As my news as communicated around, it’s rarely genuine interest or excitement. 99% of the people are either skeptical or jealous. That’s a shame. I am in financial services. I should not be an anomaly. We are in the business of helping clients do what I do.

Am I Excited?

I have been asked many times if I am excited. No. Not really. I have been planning this for 22 years. That is more than half my life. Retiring in my 40s has been expected. It’s just been a math problem, and math isn’t exciting. I have modeled this out in spreadsheets and have committed to the plan. Instead of buying a Tesla, I have maxed out my 401k. I have spent only what makes me happy and not a penny more. I have lived Satisfice. Instead of renting in my 20s, I rented to other people while I was in my 20s. Instead of buying a house for what I was approved, I bought a house for one I wouldn’t lose if I worked at McDonald’s.

Seriously, You Aren’t Excited?

No. I am proud. I did things my way and I stuck to the plan. The goal was to buy my time out of the work force. I wanted to spend time with family. I didn’t want to spend my life around people who need to pay me to be around them all day. Now I don’t need to. I didn’t want to spend my life doing what someone tells me to do just because they pay me. those days are over. I bought my freedom. My plan has worked.

What are you going to do with your time?

I have been asked this question so many times. Often people immediately follow it with asking if I will travel. No. I won’t travel much. I have 3 kids 4 and under. We are not rich. I am just in a position of being able to cover our expenses. We aren’t retiring in our 60s. We need to have our money last the next 60 years, with 16 of those years supporting 3 kids.

So with my time I will do what I love. I’ll plan with my kids. I’ll hang out with my wife. I will go on hikes. I’ll run. I will learn a bit about websites. I’ll write on this blog occasionally. I plan to write more posts on the journey to this point. If this blog inspires one person to retire a day early I’ll be thrilled. If the blog inspires someone to be a better dad then they would be if they never read this, then all this time writing will have been worth it.

But ultimately there is one thing I will do with my time. I will smile.

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