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Financial Independence Retire Early: About Dad is Fire

Welcome to Dad is Fire. Usually the about me section is to tell you who I am and to talk about myself. This blog isn’t so much about who I am, as it is what I am. So what am I? I am someone who was raised by a dad who treated his business as his favorite child. I didn’t want to be that person. In my teens I developed a plan to try to buy myself an early retirement so I could spend that time with my children and wife that I didn’t yet have. The phrase Financial Independence Retire Early didn’t exist, but the path to it did.

This blog is to share with you that plan and that journey. My hope is that I help those people that find it more important and valuable to spend time with their kids (and/or hobbies) then it is to work for an employer until they are in the their 60s. I want to help you find a way for early retirement.

I’ll try not to toot my horn much in this blog but it will be unavoidable. I will use 1st person pronouns way more than I would in real life. I don’t want this to be about me. This is about you, and how you can get to where you want to be. We may even have guest posts from time to time.

Why listen? I started with an $800 investment as a 21 year old. By age 40 I had a net worth over $1M. I am 42 now. My wife stays at home with our 3 little kids and I will join her soon. The plan I developed as a kid has panned out so far and I see the light at the end of my career tunnel.

I hold several FINRA securities licenses (series 7, 63, 65, and 66) until I walk away from my job shortly. My first position after graduating college at age 20 was a technical writer. After that I was a mortgage broker at two different companies. For the last 21 years I have been in Financial Services at two of the larger Financial Services companies. I am a Chartered Financial Analyst. I have a lot of experience in financial services, especially with investment products. Despite my licenses, none of my experience is in sales.

My degrees are in psychology and philosophy. I dropped out of an MBA program because it was too easy (and I went and bought houses instead after an email exchange with Mark Cuban back when was how he interacted with the world). If you notice my degrees and background, I am someone who has done things my way.

I have never worked hard. I have only worked smart.

While I know not everyone that stumbles on this site will be someone in their 20’s thinking ahead to having kids later, the story is the same and should apply to everyone interested. Be smart with money. Understand your spending. I won’t say to be frugal. I won’t suggest that you stretch your risk. Just be you. Read my site. Read other sites about early retirement (I don’t think I am special). Develop a recipe that works for you. Then do it. Do it.

I will ask though, that you (try to) be a good dad. If you aren’t a dad, just be a good person.

Welcome. Enjoy the site, and come back. Let’s buy our time back together.

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